Go Green!

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At Global Venture, it is our mission to promote and offer sustainable products to our customers.  Our efforts in aligning ourselves with GREEN VENDORS with comprehensive FSC certification programs, together with implementing stewardship programs within our company enables us to

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Warehouse / Distribution


    The challenges in the warehouse and distribution environment are manifold: Streamlining processes, tracking inventory, optimizing shipping and receiving, quickly addressing to changing customers, supplier, regulatory and compliance requirements.  The overall goal is to reduce cost to make operations

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  Our experience serving this industry dates back to the beginning of our history as a company.  One of our first clients was a well known, regional airline whom we have proudly served seamlessly.  We provide baggage tags, boarding passes

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    Our slot machine casino tickets are one of the most trouble-free products in the market.  Converted on approved,industry standard material, our slot machine casino tickets have been readily accepted by leading casinos.Upon request we offer JIT services. Our

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Meat, Poultry & Seafood


Labels for this industry are offered for everything from the wholesale meat packaging plants to retail weigh-scale application. Our labels meet all industry standards to withstand harsh environments like contamination, moisture and cold temperatures. Global Venture specializes in the manufacture

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The 2008 Patient Safety Goals calls for “Labeling all medications, medication containers (for example, syringes, medicine cups, basins), or other solutions on and off the sterile field” Our labels for this demanding industry are used by hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and

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Prime Labels

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An eye-catching prime label is the first thing that sets your product apart from all the others on crowded retail shelves. And the label plays a vital role in helping the consumer to decide to take that particular product home.

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Our apparel labels are made using premium, textile-safe adhesives.  We offer size strip labels in clear white film and/or paper.  We also offer joker tags, and a variety of other labels for this industry.  With the latest technology, we also

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Thermal Products


We offer a complete range of hardware, mid-ware, software, consumables and after-sales service; everything you will need for your thermal printing needs. Top names in thermal equipment, i.e. Thermal Printers, user-friendly software for barcodes, leading brands of Thermal Ribbons and

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