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An eye-catching prime label is the first thing that sets your product apart from all the others on crowded retail shelves. And the label plays a vital role in helping the consumer to decide to take that particular product home.

Your product’s prime label functions as its principal source of identification and decoration. The label needs to not only inform, but also to attract and entice the attention of your targeted user. In short, your label must create an instant shelf appeal that sells your product to the consumer.

At Global Venture we offer custom, multi-color labels with 4 color process + 4 spot colors and a variety of finishes that will satisfy your needs. We can cater to requirements that demand cold and high temperature applications.

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Our labels have adorned products and packages that are sold nationally in a variety of industries. 

Why pressure-sensitive compared to cut-and-stack?

Today there are numerous reasons to choose pressure-sensitive labels over cut-and-stack, glue-applied labels. Here are just a few:

  • Sub-surface printing and no-label-look (clear) materials
  • Improved visual, tactile and other sensory effects
  • Superior functionality includes resealability, conformability, on-product promotions, removable and recyclable properties, plus greater durability and longevity
  • Much larger selection of label materials
  • Application equipment enables higher labeling speeds; reduced scrap; improved set-up, clean-up and changeover; lower cost to replace outdated glue-application machinery
  • Reduced pre-decorated label inventory
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