The challenges in the warehouse and distribution environment are manifold: Streamlining processes, tracking inventory, optimizing shipping and receiving, quickly addressing to changing customers, supplier, regulatory and compliance requirements. 

The overall goal is to reduce cost to make operations as efficient and profitable as possible; to identify items from the pallet level to the single unit level.

At Global Venture, we help our customers in designing labels to streamline the Supply Chain Process.  Whether your company requires Warehouse Rack Labels, Shipping Labels, or Fully Integrated RFID Inventory Control Systems, we can fulfill all your company’s needs thereby improving tracking, efficiency and profitability.Increasing floor efficiencies is always important with any shipping or warehouse department.

By introducing Warehouse Labels, companies can easily identify items and locations through the use of pre-printed bar code labels. Whether requiring reflective labels for long range scanning or traditional labels for inventory tracking, Global Venture can fulfill all of your bar coding needs.

Warehouse Rack Labels
Global Venture has rack bar code labels for every application. Our paper rack labels are very cost effective. Polyester bar code labels offer the durability demanded in many warehouse applications. Magnet labels are perfect for easy relocating. Multi-level systems can eliminate the need for long range scanning and are designed to eliminate the confusion of which rack to scan.

Long-Range Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels
Global Venture has more Long-Range Retro-Reflective bar code label solutions than we have room to show. Designed to reach scanning distances up to 30 feet with long-range scanners. These label systems provide the ultimate in functionality. Read more about Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels.

Returnable Container, Tote and Tray Bar Code Labels
Our durable bar code labels are ideal for tracking your totes, trays, containers and other returnables. Our labels can resist cleaning processes, abrasion, chemicals or even outdoor exposure.

Pallet Bar Code Labels
Developed for tracking returnable pallets, these durable Metalphoto® aluminum bar code labels come with a specifically engineered 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive for permanent attachment. These bar code labels will last for the life of the pallet.

RFID Labels
We offer a comprehensive solution to Inventory Tracking by Implementing RFID Technology.

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